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Lot NumberTitleFinal Price
1Patrick Mahomes II 2019 Game Used Cleats$5,069.00
2Deebo Samuel Super Bowl 54 Game Worn Gucci Cleats $1,952.00
3Deebo Samuel Signed & Game Used 2019 Rookie Cleats$385.00
4Kansas City Chiefs 2018 GU Football - Mahomes Signed by Andy Ried-JSA$1,000.00
5Kansas City VS Miami 12-25-1971 Tickets Longest Game in NFL History$605.00
6Kansas City Chiefs Team Signed 1966 Football " The Hammer"$656.00
7Kansas City Chiefs Team Signed 1968 Football$250.00
8Kansas City Chiefs Team Signed 1971 Football$303.00
9Kansas City Chiefs Team Signed 1972 Football$0.00
10Kansas City Chiefs 1983-1985 Game Used Helmet - Ken Thomas$182.00
11Kansas City Chiefs 2022 GI Helmet$424.00
12Patrick Mahomes Signed Wilson NFL Football$334.00
13Bill Butler 1971 Game Used Kansas City Royals Jersey$446.00
14Joe Beckwith 1984 Game used Kansas City Royals Baby Blue Jersey$0.00
15Daryyl Motley 1986 Game Used Kansas City Royals Jersey$250.00
16Bobby Witt Jr. 2018 Game Used Trials 18U Team USA Signed Jersey$550.00
17Bobby Whitt Jr. Game Used U18 Team USA Wristbands Signed.$330.00
181960 All Star Game Full Ticket KC Municpal Stadium $0.00
19Brady Singer Game Used Signed 8-9-2020 Cleats$350.00
20Matt Carpenter 2021 GI & Signed Cardinals Cleats$0.00
21Matt Carpenter 2021 Game Used & Signed Cardinals Cleats$0.00
221986-89 Jim Rice Game Used Bat PSA$541.00
23Freddie Patek 1976 All- Star Game Bat $963.00
24Salvador Perez Game Used & Signed Kansas City Royals Bat$541.00
25Matt Carpenter 2021 Game Used & Signed Cardinals Bat $0.00
26Kansas City Royals 1969 Team Signed Baseball$240.00
27Kansas City Royals 1970 Team Signed Baseball$0.00
28Kansas City Royals 1971 Team Signed Baseball$0.00
29Kansas City Royals 1972 Team Signed Baseball$0.00
30Kansas City Royals 1973 Team Signed Baseball$0.00
31Kansas City Royals 1974 Team Signed Baseball$0.00
32Kansas City Royals 1974 Team Signed Baseball - Brett Rookie$0.00
33Kansas City Royals 1975 Team Signed Baseball$100.00
34Kansas City Royals 1978 Team Signed Baseball$100.00
35Kansas City Royals 1980 Ws Team Signed Baseball$163.00
36Kansas City Royals 1982 Team Signed Baseball$121.00
37Kansas City Royals 1983 Team Signed Baseball$198.00
38Kansas City Royals 1984 Team Signed Baseball$110.00
39Kansas City Royals 1986 Team Signed Baseball$134.00
40Kansas City Royals 1989 Team Signed Baseball$100.00
411985 Game Used WS Baseball Signed Charlie Leibrandt $100.00
421985 Game Used WS Baseball Signed Danny Jackson$110.00
43Don Larson Signed Baseball - JSA$50.00
44Carlos Beltran Signed Baseball - PSA$50.00
45Pat "Silky P" Mahomes Signed Baseball $0.00
46Salvador Perez Signed Party Like it's 1985 Baseball$125.00
47Brady Singer Signed 2018 1st Round Draft Pick - JSA$0.00
48Ted Williams Signed Baseball - Full JSA Letter$297.00
49Reggie Jackson Signed Baseball W/ Reggie KC A's Ticket LOA Reggie$110.00
50Kansas City Athletics Signed 1963 Baseball - Lumpe-Hawk-Lau-La Russa$138.00
511969-72 Buck Martinez/Ted Abernathy Kansas City Royals GU Bat $0.00
521981-83 Jerry Hairston Signed Game Used Bat$0.00
531976 Al Cowens Game Used Bat$218.00
541976 John Wathan Game Used Bat$148.00
55Amos Otis 1978 Kansas City Royals Team Signed Bat - Brett$273.00
56Salvador Perez Game Used Bat MLB - JC339860$0.00
57Amos Otis 1980-1983 Kansas City Royas Game Used & Signed Bat$168.00
58Hal McRae 1980 Game Used Kansas City Royals Bat$0.00
59Jamie Quirk 1976 BI-Centennial Game Used Royals Bat$152.00
60Tom Poquette 1980-1983 Game Used Kansas City Royals Bat$0.00
61Bubba SrarlingGame Used Kansas City Royals Bat - MLB JD 490821$0.00
62Alcides Escobar Game Used & Signed Kansas City Royals Bat$218.00
63Jorge Bonifacio Game Used & Signed Kansas City Royals Bat MLB - JC282826$0.00
64Whit Merrifield Game Used Kansas City Royals Bat MLB JD 490763$150.00
65Eric Hosmer 2016 Game Used Kansas City Royals Bat$242.00
66Ryan O'Hearn 2019 Game Used Kasnas City Royals Bat MLB JD664074$75.00
67Raul Mondesi Game Used & Signed Kansas City Royals Bat$0.00
68Mike Moustakas Game Used & Signed Kansas City Royals Bat MLB HZ-966636$150.00
69Alex Gordon Game Used & Signed Kansas City Royals Bat$368.00
701991-95 Joe Carter Game Used Bat$150.00
711950-60 Jim Pendleton Game Used Bat$100.00
72Esteban German Game Used Kansas City Royals Bat$0.00
73Bob Hamlin Game Used & Signed Royals Bat$75.00
74Frank White GI Kansas City Royals Signed Bat$0.00
75Mike Sweeney Game Used & Signed Royals Bat$75.00
76Patrick Mahomes II 2017 Leaf Draft Rookie Card$0.00
77Len Dawson Signed 2013 Hand Drawn 1/1 Leaf Sketch Card$100.00
78Derrick Thomas Signed Skybox Card$0.00
79Travis Kelce 2013 Topps Rookie Card Gem Mint 10$50.00
80Tyreek Hill 2016 Donruss Rookie Card Gem Mint 10$0.00
81Clyde Edwards-Helarie 2020 Donruss Rookie Card Gem Mint 10$0.00
82Len Dawson-Otis Taylor-Jan Stenerud Topps Chiefs Cards$0.00
83Bobby Bell-Willie Lanier-Jan Stenerud Topps Chiefs Cards$0.00
84Marty Schottenheimer Signed Kansas City Chiefs Card$0.00
85Don Meredith Dallas Cowboys Topps Card #39$20.00
86Bo Jackson 1987 Donruss Beckett Mint 9 Card$0.00
87Mike Moustakas Signed Topps Royals Card$0.00
88Don Drysdale La Dodgers Topps Card $50.00
89Charley O Finley Signed Finley & Company Check - JSAUU43741$0.00
90Patrick Mahomes II Panini Patch Rookie Force Card 156/175$297.00
91NY Yankees 1973 Parade of Champions Sign 40 x 40 in$150.00
92Willie Wilson Kansas City Royals Gillette Trophy Award - Signed $83.00
93Willie Wilson 1973-1974 All-Star High School Basketball Plaque - Signed $50.00
94Kansas City Athletics 1959 Pennant - Rare$0.00
95Kansas City Athletics 1960 Pennant - Rare$0.00
96Kansas City vs ST. Louis 1985 Signed WS Pennant $138.00
97Jackie Robinson 1950 PETITTO Studio Candy dispenser bust Brooklyn Dodger$134.00
98VINTAGE 1950's HARTLAND Mickey Mantle & Babe Ruth Figurines$150.00
99Mickey Mantle Holiday Inn & Mantle Board Game Lot$163.00
100Kansas City Athletics 1950's Bobble Head and Ashtray $225.00
101Kansas City Royals Team Programs 1969-1973-1976-1977$50.00
102Kansas City Royals Team Programs - 1969-1969-1971-1977$0.00
103Kansas City Royals Team Programs 1969-1971-1976-1976$0.00
104Kansas City Royals Team Programs - 1970-1972-1976$0.00
105Kansas City Athletics Score Books - 1956-1958-1963-1965-1966$75.00
106Kansas City Athletics Score Books - 1956-1957-1963-1964-1966-1967$100.00
107Kansas City Athletics Connie Mack Stadium Programs 1955-1956-1957$100.00
108Kansas City Blues Rare 1947 Mint Condition Score Book$97.00
109Brookyln Doggers Vs St. Louis Cardinails 1953 Program - Jackie Robinson$100.00
110Kansas City Chiefs Programs 1964-1967-1969 & 1969 Photo$100.00
111Baseball Books and Post Cards$0.00
112Post Cards & 1952 Baseball Cards-Muir-Overmire-Evans-Swift-Feller$25.00
113Kansas Jayhawks 2016 Panini Sealed Cards Lot of 3 $72.00
114Ted Williams Meets the Babe Signed by Williams - PSA Letter$303.00
115Barry Bonds Signed & Framed ESPN Magazine - Bonds LOA $100.00
116Kansas City Royals Signed 30 Cards - Brett & Perez$75.00
117Kansas City Royals Lot of 22 Line Up Cards$273.00
118Mickey Mantle & Joe DiMaggio Advertisement Lot o 4 $0.00
119Ken Brett Signed Career Stat Photo $0.00
1201980 World Series Paper & Ticket$0.00
121Whit Merririfield Signed Framed Kansas City Royals$0.00
122Mickey Mantle-Duke Synder-Willie Mays Signed 24x36 Poster JSA Letter$646.00
123Kansas City Chiefs Lot of 300 Plus Tickets $433.00
124Kansas City Athletics Book by Ernest Mehl - Signed JSA$0.00
125TWA Photo Negatives of 1957 Kansas City Athletics Avrrival Lot of 9$0.00
126Milwaukee Brewers 1991-1993 GU Fred Patek Coaches Cap$25.00
127Tom "Flash" Gordon Game Used Omaha Royals Cap$61.00
128Darrell Porter Game Used & Signed Kansas City Royals Cap$225.00
129Albert Pujols Signed 2013 WS Cap$107.00
130Cheslor Cuthbert Game Used & Signed Kansas City Royals Batting Helmet$125.00
131Andrew Beninendi Game Used Kansas City Royals Batting Helmet$100.00
132Willie Wilson 1989 Game Used Kansas City Royals Batting Helmet$240.00
133Kansas City Royals lot of 13 Nameplates$25.00
1341968 St. Louis Cardinals Team Signed Ball (N.L. Champs)$110.00
1351966 San Francisco Giants Team Signed Ball$134.00
1361964 Milwaukee Braves Team Signed Ball$100.00
1371967 Chicago Cubs Team Signed Ball$291.00
1381963 St. Louis Cardinals Team Signed Ball$100.00
1391965 San Francisco Giants Team Signed Ball$110.00
1401965 L.A. Dodgers Team Signed Ball (WS Champs)$541.00
141Hank Aaron Signed Baseball$83.00
142Yogi Berra Signed Baseball $66.00
143Bob Gibson Signed Baseball$81.00
144Eddie Mathews Signed Baseball$50.00
145Minnie Minoso Signed Baseball$50.00
146Tony Oliva Signed Baseball$50.00
147Ted Williams Signed Baseball$148.00
148Dale Murphy Signed Baseball$0.00
149Milwaukee Braves Signed Baseball- Spahn-Logan-Burdette-Mathews$0.00
150Field of Dreams signed Baseball - Mudcat Grant- Ken Sanders-Benny Ayala$0.00
151Kansas Football 2008 Orange Bowl Game Watch$0.00
152Kansas Football 2005 Fort Worth Bowl Game Watch$0.00
153Kansas Football 2003 Tangerine Bowl Game Watch$0.00
1542005 Todd Collins Kansas City Chiefs GU Jersey$121.00
1552003 William Bartee Kansas City Chiefs GU Jersey$121.00
1562003 Lyle West Kansas City Chiefs Game Used Jersey$0.00
1572003 Samie Parker Game Used Kansas City Chiefs Jersey$0.00
1582002 Jason Dunn Game Used Kansas City Chiefs Jersey$100.00
1592006 Eric Hicks Game Used Kansas City Chiefs Jersey$100.00
1602004 Rudy Niswanger Game Used Kansas City Chiefs Jersey$100.00
161Kansas University Quentin Skinner Game Used Jersey$0.00
162Tyreek Hill Signed Miami Dolphins Jersey - JSA - AE64461$68.00
163Joakim Soria Signed Kansas City Royals Jersey - MLB FJ 555747$0.00
164Alex Gordon Signed Kansas City Royals Jersey MLB EK 061197$0.00
165Billy Butler Signed Kansas City Royals Jersey 2012 All-Star Patch$0.00
166Ian Kennedy Game Issued 2018 Kansas City Royals Jersey$125.00
167Sammy Watkins Signed Kansas City Chiefs Jersey$0.00
168Christian Okoye Signed Kansas City Chiefs Jersey JSA - WA 362806$0.00
169Kansas City Royals Lot of 7 Bats$92.00
170Juan Marichal Signed SF Giants Jersey PSA $75.00
171Tony Gonzalez Signed Kansas Chiefs Football$39.00
172Larry Johnson Signed NBA Jam Shoe - PSA 3T53288$0.00
173Frank White Signed in Person Baseball Co-Captins 1989$0.00
174Steve Busby GU Signed Baseball 1974 All-Star$92.00
175Alex Gordon Signed Baseball - MLB FJ641249$0.00
176Lot of 1000 Signed Baseball Cards$275.00